Write the Word Journals

Write the Word journals are perfect for you in this season.  

Each Write the Word journal includes unique verses. This collection will equip and delight you through every season!
It’s simple:
1. Open your Write the Word journal.
2. Write out the preselected scripture.
3. Feel your faith grow—no perfection required!

Supplies are limited. Come see us at our HomeSide Center to get yours today! $25 each. 



                   Cultivate Faith                                                 Cultivate Hope                                              The Garden

         “Grow roots in the Word”                                    “Get Still and Reflect”                                   “Nourish your soul”


.    .   

              Cultivate Renewal                                        Cultivate Contentment                                        Cultivate Prayer                     

                    “Start Fresh”                                              “Savor and Celebrate”                                       “Grow Connection”



      Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit                                       Daily Kairos

          “Grow a Flourishing Faith”                                      13 Week Journal



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