The Worship Ministry at Lakeside Baptist Church exists to magnify the Lord by skillfully combining God’s word with music, motivating the church to proclaim the gospel and to live for God’s glory.  


Worship Choir

The Worship Choir

While many churches around the country have moved away from choral programs, we’ve found that here at Lakeside, our choir is still strong, vibrant, and relevant.  Our choir is a close knit family that serves weekly in our 9:00 am worship service.  The choir is open to church members of all ages.  The prerequisites for serving in the choir are church membership, faithful attendance, and a love for Jesus.  Come check out our rehearsals on Wednesday nights  5:30-7:00 to see if choir is right for you. (check the church calendar for availability)


Praise Team

The Praise Team

The praise team consists of skilled musicians from within our church membership who volunteer their time each week.  Our praise team singers are drawn from within the choir.  We’re always looking for talented musicians who are interested in serving with us.



Here is a great way you can keep the songs we sing on Sunday on your lips and on your heart throughout the week. Check out Lakeside’s worship playlist on Spotify. 


Contact Ken Sims for more information on how you could be a part of this ministry.

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